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If you’re a local to the grand strand, or thinking about
moving to Myrtle Beach, SC, and planning to rent an
apartment or buy a home, this city has a lot to offer.
But with so much to see and do, it can be
overwhelming for new residents to know where to start.
To help you make the most of your time living in
Myrtle Beach, we’ve put together a list of must-try
experiences and unique things to do from locals to the

Read the full article here: The Ultimate Myrtle
Beach, SC Bucket List | Redfin

Low Country Cuisine chef James Levy
July 24, 2023
After a long covid break and some time with another firm, we’re back offering authentic lowcountry, southern comfort, rustic Italian, sushi, and any other cuisine you can imagine….
Hungarian Vizsla at the Beach
June 7, 2023
If you are an animal lover, like I am, you’ll be surprised at the many resorts and hotels that are pet friendly in Myrtle Beach….
Molten Mountain Mini Golf
May 19, 2023
You’ve booked your Perfect Myrtle Beach Vacation, packed the sunscreen, bathing suits and sunglasses, you arrive and it’s raining!…
RMM Photo Surfers on the Beach
April 11, 2023
Myrtle Beach, and the surrounding area, has over 60 miles of pristine ocean views of the Atlantic spanning from Georgetown to Little River….